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About Us


Colorful  and unique fabric creations each with  its own character. Original  fabric combinations along with printing and stitch detail ensure the super-cool-one-of-a-kindness in all of them! The use of recycled material  creates cool pillows and a smaller  footprint.​ 

Wild Textiles



The blankets  come in two sizes. The  smaller  Cub and Big Bear are decorative and  great for great buddies for traveling, cuddling  and  picnics. Both the Big Bear and Cub blanket/rug have  pockets in their paws, this makes them  a bear to wear. ROAR!



WILD TEXTILE Inspiration...

Google Vancouver Island and you can probably imagine that inspiration comes easy when you're there! Pillows and blankets are a direct reflection of  Island lifestyle. Super decorative and comfortable pillows with great detail. The dog and fish shaped  ones make a fantastic neck rest.  To place and order or  a request for an other animal pillow don't hesitate but e-mail wildtextiles@gmail.com