Handmade - vancouver island - funky- RECYCLED

Big Bear blanket Bear Cub blanket


These  friendly bears all have original detailed artwork and is as decorative and functional as they are cute! The carefully  selected fabric give a  wonderful combination of colors and textures to each bear. 

Pockets in the paws are there to wear the bear and to keep the  hands cozy.  Rest your head on the build in pillow and relax! These beautiful  blanket feel at home at the couch, bed, car or plane. Big Bears are about 6 ft /185 cm long and  are easy to wash in the machine on a delicate setting. 

Big bears start at CAD 300.


Bear  Cub blankets are unique texture and color. They have cozy "wearable" paw pockets and make a perfect travel buddy as its a  stuffy, pillow and blanket all in one. Also great for a picnic and play  rug/blanket!

Cubs are 125  cm or 49.5 inch in length. Cubs start at CAD 125. 

Cub is are easy to wash/dry in the machine on a wool setting. 

For info please email at  www.wildtextiles@gmail.com